May 11, 2014: Basement Day

Today we posted the fifth podcast on Kidding Around Europe – Antwerp and the Trip to Germany.  We are very excited that these are posting regularly now.  I am going to be trying really hard to keep these up.  They take tons of work but if they don’t come out on a regular basis we won’t have people subscribing to them.  So trying hard to keep them flowing and we seem to have a good process for making them now so hopefully that will keep them going.  In a few weeks, while the family is away in Florida, I will be working on getting them into iTunes Podcast library as well which will make it very easy for lots of people to subscribe to them.

Ciana came down this morning and joined me in the basement and snuggled with me all morning.  She just wanted to hang out with her daddy.

We spent basically the entire day down in the basement today.  We moved on from doing the big room changing stuff that we did yesterday, like setting up new shelves, to doing the really tough box by box sorting of toys and stuff.  Dominica found an entire large box of toys to donate, though, which is awesome.  That’s four boxes ready to be picked up next weekend when one of the local charity groups stops by for a pick up.  The living room has these huge boxes in it right now and it is really annoying to have to deal with that.  This will make it much better.  The girls have so many toys that they can never find anything that they want.  If we can figure out what they really don’t use anymore and will never miss it will be much better on many fronts.

Luciana managed to poop today and feels much better today.  She has not been herself for two days from constipation.

Tonight we finished reading The Horse and His Boy” which the girls really liked.  We’ve been trying to figure out what to read next and Dominica thought that we would switch from the Chronicles of Narnia to Little House on the Prairie but Liesl does not want to and wants, instead, to go on to “The Magician’s Nephew” because she loves the Narnia story.  So we plan to start that tomorrow.

Overall a pretty relaxing Sunday.  We got a lot of housework done and spent a lot of time playing with the girls.