May 10, 2014: Luciana’s Sick Day

Today is very warm in downstate New York.  Way over seventy.  We opened all of the windows but it was so warm that we were uncomfortable, even early on in the morning.  Nearly eight today and bright sun.  We got lots of fresh air, at least.  That means that the day was focused in the basement where it is nice and cool.

Luciana was sick as soon as she woke up today.  We aren’t sure what is wrong.  She says that she doesn’t feel well but we can’t figure out exactly what is wrong.  She does not seem to have an elevated temperature.  She got up early and crawled into bed with us but was very restless.  It took a bit of prodding to get her to tell me that she wanted to get out of bed and wanted to use the potty.  So I raced downstairs with her and she spent easily an hour in the bathroom very unhappily.

After that, Luciana just climbed into my laptop, put her head on my chest and fell asleep for about forty five minutes.  Dominica went out to hit the salon and do some shopping.  Luciana woke up for a little bit and watched “Go Diego, Go” and, after less then an hour, was asleep again.  She was up and down all day with only short bursts of being awake and mostly being asleep.  A very tired little girl.

Dominica, Liesl and I went down to the basement and worked on doing some cleaning and putting things away.  I did a lot of work last weekend but there is still much to be done.  The basement is looking good, though.  We moved the plastic shelving units which were just in a temporary spot in front of the basement’s wall of mirrors to be over next to the book shelves where they kind of fit in a sort of natural way.  We lowered them, reducing the number of shelves per unit vertically and adding another unit horizontally, and got them to just squeeze in between the book shelves and the black couch that we have in the basement.  They are ready to be loaded with the basement toys.  The basement is really the girls’ play area more than anywhere else so even though this isn’t a very attractive situation it is workable and utilitarian.  The most practical solution that we could come up with for the basement as it is.

We cleaned the rest of the house today too and it was not looking too bad by the end of the day.  It hit eight five degrees outside today, by the evening we decided that we just needed the air conditioning or it was going to be too hot and humid for us.  This is our first time running the air conditioning since returning to the Peekskill house.