May 15, 2014: Antiques Roadshow

I found Luciana in our bed this morning when I got up.   Neither Dominica nor I have any idea when she sneaked into our room.

The Spark flipped to 35.4 miles per gallon today.  It just keeps getting better and better gas mileage.  Such a good investment.

I worked late today, not getting home until after eight this evening.

After work today I came home and discovered Dominica had gotten herself addicted to old reruns of the Antiques Roadshow from PBS.  She got the idea from watching Frasier where they talk about the show and then she found that it was available via one of our online streaming video services (I don’t remember which one.)  So she watched that this evening.  There are not many episodes available online right now so she worked through most of it pretty quickly.