May 16, 2014: Dad Comes for the Weekend

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I had planned to leave work early this evening so that I could drive out to Croton-Harmon Station to get dad from Amtrak when he arrives this evening.  So I had planned to leave work at four thirty.  But as the time to leave work got closer, dad’s train got delayed more and more as it seems to always be.  So I ended up staying late rather than leaving early.  Although not very late.

On the drive to Croton it was raining just a little.  It was dark and drizzly all day in Connecticut.  By the time that I got to the station it was ready to really rain.  I tried to stay outside to wait for the train doing some walking to and fro in front of the station but soon it started to pour and drove me inside of the station with everyone else.  There were girl scouts out front of the station selling cookies, but they were in a covered area.

I was only at the station for half an hour before dad’s train arrived.  On the drive back to the house we stopped to get food.  Dominica had told me to bring home food tonight and there is only one restaurant really on the way from the station to our house: Julianne’s Schoolhouse.  We have been really wanting to try that place for a while.

I was surprised to find the restaurant was completely packed.  The parking lot was full and the restaurant was standing room only!  We managed to get seats at the bar and I had a beer while we waited for the food to be ready to go.  I got a veggie burger and dad got a real burger and for Dominica I got calamari as an appetizer and their miso cod for dinner.  The food all turned out to be really excellent.  Not cheap but really good.  It is really neat that this place is so close to home.  It is amazing that we have never been there and Dominica has never even seen where this place is.

We watched a little of Antiques Roadshow while we ate dinner at the house.  The girls were so excited that dad was there for the weekend.

It was off to bed early for everyone.  Dad was worn out from his long day of train travel.