May 21, 2014: SGL Caught Up

Got up and hit the treadmill for a bit before getting ready for work this morning. Not a long workout like yesterday but I’m keeping the pattern going (does two dots make a pattern?)

I had to take the northern route to get to the Taconic this morning so that I could get fuel. There are no gas stations, anywhere, along the route that I have been taking. All backroads, very secluded which is hard to believe exists in such a populous county.

Traffic ended up being horrible this morning and I was stuck taking nearly two hours to get to the office. That was no fun and a waste of getting up early.

Today I finished rereading “Dragons of Winter Night” and this evening started rereading “Dragons of Spring Dawning.” Such great books. It makes it almost exciting to get to commute just so that I get long stretches of time to spend in literature. I am sure getting amazing value out of Audible from all of this driving.

On the drive home tonight I took a new route that I researched at the office before leaving. This is, as best as I can tell, the most direct, most backroads means of going between the office, on the Gold Coast, and home on the lower Hudson. This new route takes me through Bedford and Mt. Kisco, neither of which I have ever been in before. I stopped in Mt. Kisco to get the Subway for dinner that Liesl requested from me last night. I told Dominica and I was getting it and she told Liesl and Liesl said “Yes, I asked daddy for that last night!”

I got home but had to run down to the basement and be on the phone for a while before I could join the family to eat my dinner. We put on Frasier and watched a couple of episodes but it was a very short evening for all of us. Luciana was in bed before I made it upstairs but she got up and came down to join us later in the evening. Both girls snuggled with me on the couch. Liesl climbed into my lap and Luciana snuggled on my side until it was time for everyone to head off to bed.

More of “The Magician’s Nephew” tonight. After we finish this we are hoping to read “Little House on the Prairie” which Dominica thinks Liesl is ready for.

Dominica’s parents are coming down for the holiday weekend. I, as usual, did not realize that it was a holiday weekend and had no idea that I had Monday off. I only figured that out today when Dominica asked me. So I will probably be getting out early on Friday afternoon (typically around three) and I have Monday off. So three day weekend (although I have scheduled work late on Friday night and a little bit on Saturday afternoon – but nothing major.)