May 23, 2014: The Toccos Come to Visit

Went to work on the early side this morning, I knew that there would be an early release today so wanted to get a jump on stuff so as not to fall behind.  The office was super quiet today, almost nothing going on.

We got let go around two.  I had some work yet to do so worked until two thirty but was away a bit before three.  It was great.  It was still midday when I got home and surprised the girls.  They were so excited that I was home.  We got a ton of time together, almost as if I had not even gone to work.  I was able to help Dominica with the house cleaning too.

Liesl has been addicted to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 and has been watching that over and over again.  It is available on Netflix which surprised us as it is a new movie.  It is a really good kids movie and Luciana is enjoying it too.

Dominica had to make an emergency run to Walmart this afternoon to get more chocholate milk for the girls.  We have run out.

Dominica’s parents arrived between eight and nine tonight.  They were not able to get on the road until after work.  So we did very little after they arrived.  We visited a little, got the girls calmed down and everyone was off to bed.  Dominica’s parents are sleeping in the guest bed in the girls’ room and the girls are sharing a small air mattress at the foot of the bed in our room.