May 24, 2014: Godzilla

Everyone slept in this morning.  I was the last of the adults up, it was after nine when I rolled out of bed but I was awake before that and just waiting for Dominica to be done getting ready so that I could get up and not be in her way.  The girls slept on for a while after I got up.

Dominica sent her dad and I out around eleven to go to the Daily Bagel to stock the house with bagels for the weekend.  Normally Liesl and I would go but Liesl decided that she did not want to go today, although she did tell her grandparents about how she and I are listening to Tony Shaloub reading “The Cricket in Times Square” together.  I was quite impressed that she remembered the name of the book!

The plan this afternoon, early on, was to take the girls up to our playground that we have in our development here.  It is hard to believe that we have owned the house here for six years and have never even gone up to look at the playground before, but we haven’t.  I ended up having to work earlier than had been planned so everyone walked up to the playground without me and I worked for a little bit before going up to join them.

The playground turned out to be really nice.  Not too big and there where two other kids there when I got there but they were just leaving.  So Liesl and Luciana basically had it to themselves.  There are three slides, a couple of climbing things, a fireman’s pole and a really neat tube where you talk into one end on one end of the playground and it goes underground and comes up on the other side.  Cool for kids to play with and works really well.

They were probably on the playground for at least an hour.  Lots of fun.  We checked out the activies center too, while we were there.  Believe it or not, in six years of owning the house here we have never come up here to investigate all of the cool stuff that we “own.”  There are two pools that we need to get IDs for in order to use, we are going to try for that this week, and there is a gym too!  I really need to start using that.  I can’t believe that I never even looked at it until today.  The girls will be asking to come up here often, I am sure.  Liesl really, really wants to try out the pool but we won’t have our IDs until next weekend.

After we were done on the playground the whole family took the long, round-about way back to the house via the nature trails.  That was a lot more walking but a nice walk and Liesl had a great time.  She thought that the nature trail was great fun.

I had some issues at work today and got stuck, because of a mistake on my part, working for a few hours.  That sucked.  Lots of stress and extra work.  So that kept me tied up roughly from three until six.  So I missed having dinner with the family.  They went down to the Westchester Diner and had dinner while I stayed home to work.  They brought me back the Fisherman’s Platter that I like so much.

We all watched a movie together in the living room.  After watching Romancing the Stone with dad last week, we decided that this weekend we would watch Jewel of the Nile.  It has been forever since I have seen that movie but I was really shocked at how much of it was familiar, some parts of it like the jail cell and the F16 “car” that they drive around were completely familiar.  We did not quite finish the movie, though, so we have a little bit at te end for Dominica and I to watch later on in the week.

We got the kids off to bed and then Dominica and her dad decided to run out and go to the movie theatre to see Godzilla.  So I read to the girls and Dominica’s mom went to bed.  So an early night for half the family.

I went down to the basement and worked for a few hours while they were at the movies.  I managed to edit the latest podcast for Kidding Around Europe edited and posted tonight.  That takes around three hours.

So it was around three in the morning when I finally got to bed.