May 26, 2014: Memorial Day with the Family

A warm, quiet morning.  I was up at eight thirty and Dominica at nine.  Liesl at ten and Luciana at ten thirty.  We have no plans today, time to relax some.

I found a wasp in the basement this morning.  No fun.  I sprayed it but have no idea how it got inside.  It was pretty sluggish even though it is warm out.

My goal this morning is some pretty major catching up on SGL.  The online communities are very quiet this morning.  It took me all day, till eight this evening, to get caught up completely on SGL but I did it.  That was a major backlog.  Using OneNote to keep track of my week as it happens helps a lot, though.  I lose track of a lot less now.

Early this afternoon, before two, Dominica went out to go shopping.  She was gone for almost three hours during which time both girls were in the basement for the entire time hanging out with me.  Part of the time they watched shows and played.  They got me to play Skunk Bingo with them and play some games with them.  Luciana was with me in the basement for the entire day, from early in the morning until bed time.

I did a bit of work on Kidding Around Europe and the new Kidding Around Europe Community today too.  We are getting a lot done there.  I have next week’s podcast already edited and scheduled so it should show up like clockwork on the site on Sunday morning.  That process seems to work really well.

Liesl watched Pocahontas this evening.  We are pretty sure that she has seen it before but she does not remember it.  Even after watching it she did not remember seeing it before so this is like the first time that she has seen it, one way or another.

One thing that I think is interesting is how things like Netflix and Amazon VOD have changed the perceptions of Disney movies.

As always, putting the girls to bed was an enormous job.  I told Liesl to start getting ready for bed at a quarter till ten.  She stalled for a bit but finally started for bed around a quarter after.  Even with that stall, it was another hour before she was in bed!  Getting them ready for bed is just impossible.

It wasn’t until eleven thirty that Liesl finally went to bed.  I stayed up for a while and got some more work done, did some posting, got the new Model Railroading community up and running, etc.  Dominica found that she had access to some HBO shows that she has not had access to previously, such as True Blood, so she started watching that tonight and was up very late addicted to that.