May 25, 2014: Movie Night

No real plans today.  Dominica’s parents were still here this morning but only stayed until early in the afternoon.  Probably around two or three they were on the road back to Frankfort.  The weather is very nice today, sunny and calm.  Very much what you picture, but rarely get, for Memorial Day weekend.

My Kindle got a major update this morning automatically.  It now has a lot of apps designed around helping to get kids into reading.  That is pretty cool.  I can’t wait until Liesl is ready to start using the Kindle and reading real stuff.  She is going to love it.

Dominica and I did a little investigating on travel television shows, trying to find more good content out there.  There really is not very much.  We started watching a few shows to check them out, to give us some stuff to discuss on the new KAE Community, and decided that we haven’t watched one of our favourite movies, My Life in Ruins, in a while so we watched that since we own it on Amazon.  That is such a great movie.  We love it.  Great story, great actors, great location.  We watch it again every few years.  It was the first movie that we ever bought via Amazon’s online video on demand service.

We decided, finally, that we are done with buying movies on physical media.  We stopped buying music that way years ago and video games over a year ago and books a few months ago.  That we still buy movies that way should change too.  We don’t buy many but when we do, they end up in a box and impossible to use.  Time to rethink that, at least when possible.  We need to buy very few since we have Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu+.  But there are some things that you just have to buy.  We mostly buy on Amazon and once in a while on iTunes since we have the AppleTV and get some things pre-release (like the Hobbit movies.)  We are, more and more, realizing how much we need to scale back on the physical things that we buy, we don’t have the space to store it all nor does it do us any good and moving is a massive pain primarily because of all of the books, movies, etc. that are in scores of boxes (and the books ones are super heavy.)

We decided that we really wanted to watch the new Lego Movie with the kids tonight.  We’ve been wanting to see that one since it was coming to theatres, one of the rare movies that we are actually excited about.  So we made an exception and bought it so that we could watch it tonight (bought it via Amazon VOD.)  It took forever to get through the movie because the girls kept needing this or that.  Overall we liked the movie but it was not as good as we had hoped.  It was cute and the graphics were amazing.  Dominica actually thought that it was stop motion and not computer generated, it looked so much like actual Lego bricks.  I’d recommend it but not at full price.  Great lineup of actors though.  Amazing cast.

After that we all went to bed.  The girls are back in their own room now.