May 6, 2014: The Family Returns, Liesl Loses Her Second Tooth

Like yesterday, I was working at an offsite location again today.  My week is looking like it is going to be extremely busy.  My time is in high demand these days at the office.

Work was good and I made a point of not staying late today.  I attempted to leave early, because Dominica and the girls had gotten home in the middle of the afternoon, but I did not manage that.  But I did manage to leave on time rather than staying late and, thankfully, coming from the offsite location saves me five or possibly ten minutes on the way home so that was nice.

Before I left the office, Liesl asked Dominica to tell me that she wanted Subway sandwiches for dinner.  We have not gotten Subway since we have moved up from Texas.  It was something that Liesl had really started to like a lot before we moved up to New York.  I had actually thought about it over the weekend while everyone was gone that Liesl had been asking for it regularly while we were in Texas and even as late as our drive from Walt Disney World up to Connecticut in November and I was wondering why she had not asked for it in months.

So I had to seek out a Subway, but managed to find one that was actually very convenient for me to get to on the way home from work going the “old” way across the northern Westchester County.  That was actually quite easy and something that we can do again when Liesl decides that that is what she wants for dinner.

I got home and the girls were so excited to see me (and I them.)  We ate right away and on Liesl’s very first bite she was suddenly in a panic and it took a bit for us to figure out what was wrong.  When we did, we realized that her next front tooth, the one directly against the other that she had lost, had come out in her last bite.  She was bleeding just a little bit.  Really, it was all fine, but the whole thing had scared her a little bit.  I had to dig through the sandwich to find the tooth.  A little more traumatic than losing a second tooth needed to be.  Liesl gave up eating and wouldn’t touch the sandwich again until nearly bedtime when she was hungry and suddenly ate a full half of a foot long Subway sub.  (Liesl always gets American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo.  Like her daddy, mayo is her favourite part of the sandwich.)

We spent the whole evening just hanging out in the living room and catching up on everything that had happened over the last four days.  The girls had a lot to tell me about the circus.  They had collectible booklets and stuff to show me pictures.

I am very glad to have my family back home again.