May 9, 2014: Reading the Dragonlance Chronicles Again

It’s Friday.  Pretty much a normal day at work.  I was able to get out of the office a little bit early today at six (after happy hour, of course.)

On the drive home I finished reading “Dragons of Autumn Twilight” and started reading its sequel “Dragons of Winter Night.”  Such great books.  I am so glad that I am going back and reading them again.  It has been long enough (likely about twenty six years or more) since I last ready them that I only barely remember the story and while I know most big generalities there is a ton that I do not remember including some really major characters and events.  So it feels a lot like reading them again for the first time.

I got home and almost immediately had to jump into a call and take care of some stuff for a while.  Made for a busy evening but it is Friday night and the weekend is free otherwise.