June 1, 2014: Pool Day

After all of the fun that they had yesterday in the pool, everyone slept well and was looking forward to being able to go back to the pool again today. Dominica made her amazing vegetarian sausage crazy and biscuits for breakfast which she first made last weekend while her parents were staying with us. Amazing gravy. I have no memory of any gravy being so good even back in my pre-vegetarian days (which are getting harder and harder to remember now that I have passed the “the last one third of my life I’ve been a vegetarian” point.)

Late morning we made our way back up the hill to the pool. It was warmer today, last night was a little chilly even for those of us not in the water, and in fact I was sweating a bit hard as I pushed the stroller up the hill. Both girls decided that they wanted to ride in the stroller once we were underway, so Liesl sat in the stroller and Luciana rode on her lap which made for a heavy load to push up the hill. I got my workout.

The pool was packed today. There were lots of people sunbathing too, not just swimming. The kiddie pool was closed today because of a chemical imbalance so everyone was stuck using the big pool which was pretty well utilized. There were lots of kids in there today. Unfortunately there were a lot of rude and rowdy kids too who were not very respectful and that made it a lot tougher. Liesl and Luciana are not very used to being around other kids who don’t behave, have supervision or respect others. So they were not very well equipped to deal with a lot of the kids. This made Luciana not want to swim there. Liesl was able to escape by swimming away from the other kids. She got going really well today because of this. She was swimming all over the pool, interacting with all kinds of kids and even adults and was even pulling herself out by the sides of the pool and jumping in from the sides! Really impressive progress.

The kids that Liesl and Luciana hung out with yesterday were there for just a little bit too and stopped by to see them. Luciana had me take her to the playground for a while because she did not want to deal with the kids in the big pool and the small pool was closed.

The girls did quite well, though, and they had a good time.  The weekends are very crowded.  Unfortunately, right now, the pool is only open on the weekends, not during the week.  Otherwise we would use it during the week when there would likely be hardly anyone around.  The playground goes almost completely unused during the week.