June 2, 2014: The Wind in the Willows

Back to work. I got up at six and got into the office. The weather is starting to get pretty warm. Dominica decided to stick with keeping the windows open today but this is probably going to be the last of it as it is supposed to be nearly ninety degrees over the next couple of days. The sun is out in force too.

I got home a little before eight. Today was a movie day at the house, apparently. Dominica had been doing some cleaning or something and had come across many of the BluRays that were for the girls and had been in boxes here and there. So today was “watching movies the girls had forgotten about” day. They watching Wreck It Ralph at least twice and some other movies too. Dominica, in the last two weeks, has managed to watch all six seasons of True Blood and has decided to now watch through Game of Thrones.

We are trying putting the girls to bed much earlier tonight. Luciana always wants to go to bed earlier than we would expect anyway. It is Liesl who takes between an hour and a half and two hours to get ready for bed. So we sent them off to get ready for bed at a quarter till nine. It didn’t speed things up really but it helped get them actually into bed at a decent time.

Tonight we read the second chapter in “The Wind in the Willows”. It started off slowly and Liesl was struggling on the first chapter on Saturday night but tonight she was definitely more into it.

Dominica and I squeezed in one podcast recording tonight, we are trying to get a lot of them done this week so that I can take some of the time while she and the girls are in Florida to be working on getting them edited and scheduled for the website.

Dominica went to bed early and I stayed up to get some work done. I got a Stash server and a Jira server set up and running on Ubuntu 14.04 tonight. Stayed up working very late but was happy to have them running smoothly by the end of the night.