June 14, 2014: Full Working Weekend

I had to be up early this morning so that I could work.  I got up at about a quarter till seven and went straight down to the basement and got back to work starting just before seven.  It ended up being a hellacious morning.  (Note, Chrome doesn’t know the word hellacious.)  Work was terrible.  Everything went wrong so I was scrambling all morning to get things working.  It was much worse because I had a firm deadline at noon because I needed to go pick up the Toccos at the airport in Brooklyn.

I was watching Facebook all morning and saw that Dominica, Francesca and the kids all got to Disney World super early this morning and were ready for rope drop.  They managed to keep the trip a surprise and it took Liesl a little while to figure out that they were in Disney World.  Their plan is to be there all day, from opening until closing, and then drive north to find a hotel outside of the Orlando tourist area.

So my entire morning was nearly five and quarter hours of continuous work, going as fast as possible trying to get everything done and fixed before I had to leave.  That wasn’t possible and I had to turn things over to someone to handle while I was gone.  I didn’t have time to take a shower or anything.  Not a fun morning.

I left just after noon and hit some traffic getting down to JFK in Brooklyn but that was okay because I had left time for that and managed to get to the airport and pull up to the passenger pickup zone just as Dominica’s parents had come outside.  So none of us had to do any waiting.

I drove the Toccos back to our house and they were right into their car and off home.  They were exhausted from all of the travel and ready to get home and get naps in.  I went right back down to the basement and picked up where I had left off, more or less, and worked for another few hours.

The kids got to ride the brand new Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride that just opened in Fantasyland, except Luciana as she is too small.  Everyone was really excited about that.  You don’t really get to do new rides very often.  Luciana got to ride the Barnstormer and really loved that.  She had been too small for that the last time that we were in Florida back in November.

Once worked finally wrapped up I was pretty worn out and took some time to relax.  It was mid-afternoon already.  I watched a couple movies and called it a night.