June 17, 2014: Back to Just Us

Around five this morning Luciana sneaked into our bedroom and climbed into bed to snuggle with me. She put her head on my shoulder and slept there all morning J

I didn’t leave for the office until after eight. I was not about to get out of bed early when both girls were being so snuggly this morning after over a week without seeing them. Dominica and Francesca were awake as I left for the office and Luciana had just woken up to ask for her morning chocolate milk.

The Grices are planning on driving on up to Frankfort today.

On my way to the office this morning I finished reading “Lean Mean Thirteen” and have started reading “Fearless Fourteen”. I am only one book behind Francesca in the Stephanie Plum series now, but this is the last one currently in my Audible library so it might be a while before I read any more of them.

I got home around seven and everyone was really tired. I was horribly tired but Dominica was already wanting to go to bed and the girls were a little tired. We put on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and watched two episodes of that. The girls started off not wanting to watch it but eventually settled down to snuggle with me on the couch and watched it with me.

Dominica found some new Lego games on the iPads for the girls tonight. They both really got into them and were super excited to play them. They were doing really well at it too.

Liesl got ready for bed just after nine and was actually in bed by nine thirty which was amazing. She did a great job of getting ready quickly. We were all so tired that Dominica and I were in bed before nine forty ourselves! I have to be up and in the office early tomorrow so it was a good night to get to sleep early anyway.