June 18, 2014: Liesl Skins Her Knee

I’m covering the early “shift” in the office so I was up at five and into the office before eight. Not super early, but the place is mostly empty when you arrive before nine. On the drive in my average MPG moved up to 35.6MPG. Pretty awesome.

It’s nice because it is quiet, traffic isn’t so bad and there is a great fruit selection to start the day – lots of blueberries, raspberries, pineapple and stuff. A nice kick off to the morning.

Today was very busy but not bad. I kept busy all day long. But good busy so I was not feeling burned out by the end of the day.

I tried to leave the office a few minutes before six, having gotten in early I was actually staying late at that point, and did well getting out the door but as soon as I was in the car I hit horrible traffic and lost half an hour sitting on the highway barely moving. So even though I left at a really good time it was twenty until eight when I actually got to the house. Really crappy.

The girls were ready when I arrived and we immediately walked up the hill to go to the playground which we have not done together in two weeks. That was nice, we needed the walk and the girls needed time on the playground. Unfortunately both of them accidentally left their shoes in their Aunt Francesca’s truck and so they are stuck with flipflops which are not good for climbing on a playground.

On the walk back down the hill, Liesl turned around violently to look at a car coming from behind us, tripped (I assume on the front of her flip flop) and went down. I was holding her hand and kept her up but she went down over the curb and caught it with her left knee and scraped it pretty badly. She was bleeding from four square inches of knee and I had to carry her back to the house.

Liesl took a hot shower to make cleaning the scrape easier. The Luciana wanted to take a bath. Always wanting to do what her sister is doing. Then both of them were right off to bed. It was probably nine thirty when they both went to bed and they were great, right to bed and asleep within probably half an hour without asking us for anything at all. Normally it is a few hours of calling us for water, cheese, kill a bug, plug in an iPad, etc.

As soon as the girls went to bed, Dominica ran out to go grocery shopping as there is nothing in the house to eat. She was gone for a while. I did some work in the bedroom office while she was gone and when she got home we went to bed.