June 19, 2014: Dr Who By Request

I was into the office pretty early this morning. It is nice getting in so early, I get to park right by the elevators in the parking garage and the place is completely quiet for an hour or two before it fills up with people.

I had to stay a little late tonight, lot’s to be done. But it wasn’t very late. On the drive home I finished reading “Fearless Fourteen” which is the last Stephanie Plum novel that I currently own. There are seven more now, I am only 66% through the current state of the series. I’m only one book behind Francesca now, though.

The girls were ready to head up to the playground when I got home at nearly eight. We hiked up the hill and played for a while. It’s not bad exercise but would be better if it were a little further. But the girls are pretty worn out just getting up there so it is probably as far as we could handle.

The girls played for a while and by the end Liesl had worked herself back up to doing the fireman’s pole again. Her two weeks off from the playground had left her unsure of herself and too nervous to do it. We stayed until the bugs got too bad and walked back to the house. Luciana made me carry her home, she was too tired to walk. We didn’t see any fat, tree climbing raccoons like we did last night.

We got back to the house and Luciana requested that she get her evening chocolate milk and that we all watch Dr. Who. Liesl concurred that she wanted to watch Dr. Who too by running around the house yelling “EX-TERM-IN-ATE!!!” So we watched two episodes of Dr. Who and got the girls off to bed.

Before we fell asleep both girls sneaked into our room and tried to climb into our bed. We left them stay for fifteen minutes but sent them back to their room to sleep.

I have to be in the office early tomorrow and will be working until nearly midnight. Going to be an exhausting day leading into a busy weekend. Paul and Karen are Karen’s daughter are leaving Missouri tomorrow afternoon and driving to our place due to arrive midday on Saturday. From there we are running down to Manhattan where I am speaking at the first MangoLassi Meetup which should be fun. Paul and Karen are staying with us in Peekskill for most of the week.

Katie arrived in Buffalo before we went to bed and Joe was on the ground, but hadn’t checked in with anyone yet, in Buffalo as well when we fell asleep. Art and Danielle were already at the airport hanging out with Katie as they waited for Joe. They will all be going to see Niagara Falls tomorrow afternoon before heading down to New York City early on Saturday morning.