June 9, 2014: Lots of Reading

сео оптимизацияDrove the Acadia in this morning since there is no reason not to put a few miles on it while Dominica doesn’t need it and the Spark is awaiting its oil change on Wednesday.  I got in a little early and had a pretty slow day.

The day went well.  Since there is no family waiting at home, I stayed late until nearly eight.  Had pizza for dinner and got some stuff done and headed home in the nearly dark.

I finished watching the entirety of “Bit and Bytes” from 1983.  That show was awesome.  I am sure that ninety percent of it is nostalgia, this was the show that I watched in the years before having a computer of my own in my youth.  This show was very influential for me.  Now that I go back and watch it, it was more influential than I had remembered.  I learned a lot about computer concepts from that show.

Tonight I finished reading “Ten Big Ones” and started “Eleven On Top.”  I am getting a lot of reading done while I am here alone.

I Facetime’d with Liesl and Luciana tonight.  Liesl says that she is having a good time but misses me. Luciana says that she doesn’t like being away and wishes that she was home with me.   I didn’t get to talk with them for very long.  It was late and they needed to get to bed.

Very lonely and I have a long way to go before the family is home.  I hate these long stretches of being home alone.