June 8, 2014: My First Full Day Alone

Today is my first day completely alone.  No office time, no family at all.  I hunkered down in the bedroom which I have set up as my office and effectively did not leave it all day.  I rarely get the chance to do absolutely nothing and that is pretty much the plan today.

I did some desktop maintenance on my bedroom office computer today.  I needed to run the Windows 8.1 update as this machine has been offline for months.  That took many hours.

I watched several episodes of Michael Palin’s “New Europe” which was a BBC production of the same book that I read a year or two ago.  Dominica was not enjoying the show so I only got to watch it because she was not here.

I got back to reading “Ten Big Ones” that I was originally reading, but didn’t finish, back in October.  I’m making good progress on working my way through my Audible library that I have backlogged.

I did some work on Jira today.  Not a lot, maybe an hour between Jira, Confluence and Stash.

I ate leftovers today and nothing else.  Still plenty for tomorrow and maybe a little for Monday.

I read a bit of  “A House Like a Lotus” which I have on the Kindle.  Lots of reading of one sort or another today.

I got caught up on SGL which was very much needed.  Now to keep it up to date.  Hopefully with the family away that will not be that challenging.

Liesl wanted to Facetime with me today but we did not manage to pull that off.  My phone was not charged and by the time that it was they were doing things down there and it will just have to wait until tomorrow.

Went to bed early tonight.  Need to get some sleep.