July 12, 2014: Twentieth Class Reunion

We got up this morning and went down to Mt. Morris for a rushed breakfast at Brian’s USA Diner.  The wait was very long which made it a bit of a problem to get our food quickly enough since I need to work this morning.  Breakfast was awesome though.  Well worth the wait.

Liesl rode with her grandfather in his convertible with the top down to the restaurant.  She has her new safety vest that replaces her safety seat so she is able to do that now.  She did not like how the wind messed with her hair though.

On the way back to the house we swung through Mt. Morris really quickly just to drive up and down Main St. to see what the current state of town is like as we have barely seen it after all of the renovations.

We got back to the house with plenty of time for me to get set up and get to work.  I worked for several hours and then we took off to get to Lakeville to go to me twentieth class reunion!  I can’t believe that it has been twenty years.

We got to the Northshore Grill in Lakeville a few minutes after the reunion was supposed to begin. The restaurant knew nothing about it but Art and Danielle were already there, and no one else.  It was probably fifteen minutes before the next person arrived.

Over a few hours about a dozen class members ended up showing up.  It was a small showing but we only had a class of sixty-four and there were several in that sixty-four that none of us knew.  Looking through our yearbook (annual) there are close to ten that none of the rest of us can identify and we are pretty sure that they were in other programs and didn’t actually attend school with us.  So the actual class size was probably around fifty-five.  And we’ve had only one death, that anyone knows about, since graduation in our class.  Probably pretty good for that number of people over twenty years.

We had a really good time, we all hung out at the bar.  It was great seeing the people who were there again.  Only Kim and I traveled from any real distance away.  Everyone else was quite local.

We all decided that we would meet back up at the Wadsworth Grill, the usual class hangout, across from the school later that evening.  So Dominica and I stayed until the last of everyone left and then we went back to the house to make sure that dad and the girls were doing well, got them off to bed and then went down the hill to the grill and stayed until around one in the morning.  It was fun there too and there were more people than we had seen out at the actual reunion.

We stayed out until about one in the morning when Dominica was so tired that she just couldn’t handle staying out any longer.  It was a really great day.