July 13, 2014: End of the Last Weekend Away

Lots more driving to be done today. We got up this morning and went down to Mt. Morris to get breakfast at Brian’s USA Diner. After breakfast we went to Mt. Morris proper and took a quick walk around town to see how it was doing and what shops were available.

From Mt Morris we drove up to Geneseo and ended up meeting up with Mary. We tried going to the Omega but the wait to get in was crazy so we skipped that and just ran over to Tim Horton’s for about an hour. Mostly we were there so that Dominica and Mary could work out plans for selling off the contents of the house that we had brought out with us on this trip.

We could not hang out for very long because I needed to make it all of the way home this afternoon and on the way had to take Dominica and the girls to Frankfort and drop them off, which I did in the middle of the afternoon and as quickly as we could transfer cars I left them and was on my way south again. The girls are coming home tomorrow evening so this is not a long break without them. I’ll see them in a day.

My drive back had some rain but mostly I was impacted by a large storm that came through ahead of me. There were so many trees down that NY 9 was closed up in Columbia County and I was diverted. That made me drive many extra miles. More time to listen to the book that I started last week, “The Darkest Summer.”

Once I was back on 9 at least three times I had to deal with significant flooding on the road. A bit dangerous on a high speed highway.

But overall the trip back was not too bad and I was home in the mid-evening. I did some laundry and cleaning tonight since the girls will be home before I am done with work tomorrow.