July 5, 2014: Moving Furniture Day

Today is our last day to do the big item moves and to get things out of the house and into the roll off dumpster before it gets taken away.  So a busy day ahead of us.

Before getting started Emily and I went to the bakery and got food for everyone.  We got donuts and half moons.  Then it was time to get to work.

Today we cleaned out the basement.  That was the last major part of the house that needed to be emptied out.  It was disgusting but went alright.  There were only a few really heavy items down there which is good because we had to bring them up some serious rickety stairs and the landing was on the verge of collapse.

The second big thing today was bringing down all of the large furniture from the upstairs.  There was a lot, an awkwardly large amount of pointless furniture stored upstairs.

It was an exhausting day.  This evening, Dominica, her dad, Madeline and I went out to the movies to see Transformers 4 which was completely awful.  No plot, horrible directing.  Really one of the worst movie franchises ever which is so sad because the cartoon was so iconic.  But nothing unexpected.