August 16, 2014: Luciana Goes to Urgent Care

Luciana’s fever was back full force today hitting 103.5 by the middle of the morning.  It had been lower last evening and we thought that she might be on the road to recovery.

So this morning Dominica made an appointment and took Luciana to the semi-local urgent care center, about thirty minutes away. The doctor thinks that Ciana probably has a UTI and that explains a lot.  So she is on antibiotics now and we are hopeful that that will quickly make a difference.  Her fever has just been so awful.  Of course, though, by the time that she got to the clinic her fever was way down so they did not even get to witness it first hand.

I played a bit of Wind Waker today.  Liesl and I played that the entire time that Dominica and Luciana were out.

This evening we bought a couple games for the Wii U.  We had a coupon for Picmic 3 for having bought Mario Kart 8, so we downloaded that.  Looks cute.  We couldn’t decide between that and the latest Mario game but we finally decided that nothing, ever, makes us play Mario games so that was almost sure to be a waste.  We also bought The Minish Cap which Dominica has been wanting to play.  We got their downloads started and went to bed.  For some reason anything from Nintendo takes ten times longer than it should to download.  It is pretty ridiculous.

I did a bunch of site maintenance work tonight.  That took several hours but got some important work done that I have been struggling to get to for a few weeks.  Really glad that I took the time to do that tonight.