August 17, 2014: Dominica Restarts The Minish Cap

Liesl got me up this morning.  We tried to sleep in but the girls were having none of it.  Liesl wanted her chocolate milk and a movie on the big screen in the living room.  So I got up and got her set up.  Luciana was up very shortly.

Luciana still has a little bit of a fever this morning but only very little.  She is clearly improving and throughout the day she got better and better and, by bedtime, I would say that there were really no signs of her fever left and she was awake and perky as if she was not sick at all.

I did some work this morning upstairs in the bedroom.  Dominica went down and started playing The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap which we bought last night for the Wii U (from the Virtual Console store, it is originally a GBA game.)  She played for many hours and the girls had a great time just hanging out on the couch watching her play.

Liesl tried playing Picmin 3 for maybe an hour too.  She kinda liked it but it was a bit of a struggle for her.  Not sure if she is going to continue playing that or not.

This afternoon our first ever produce shipment from FreshNation arrived.  It was a big load of stuff.  We are very impressed.  Hoping to use this service a lot.

We ordered in Chinese again tonight.  We watched an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place while we ate.  Then it was time for me to play The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker again at the request of my children.  I played for several hours and made good progress through it.  Liesl wanted me to play all evening but Luciana eventually had enough of it.