August 19, 2014: More Minish Cap

It’s Tuesday.  The family is all back to normal now.  No one is sick.  Just a normal work day.  Work is pretty busy this week.  Had a good meeting today to discuss a lot of things at the office.  Overall feeling good today regardless of the direction that decisions end up going in the near future.  Considering a lot of options.  Don’t know what direction we will be taking in the next few months.  It is a bit stressful having major decisions up in the air, that always weighs on your.  But we are feeling good about them in general.

After work this evening it was more Minish Cap for Dominica with the girls.  They just love it when we play video games as a family.  Dominica is making great progress through her game and is pretty likely to be able to beat it this week.