August 18, 2014: Luciana’s Fever Gets Better

Back to work.  Slept in a little this morning, was just a little tired.  The Spark is up to 36.1MPG now, still going strong.  If it would just stop burning oil it would be insanely cheap.

Work flew by today.  Before I knew it it was nearly seven this evening.

Came home and Dominica was engrossed in The Minish Cap and the girls were having a great time watching her play.  So that was most of the evening.  I hung out in the living room for an most an hour before Luciana asked me to take her up and put her to bed.  She watched a couple Amazon shows in our bed and passed right out.  She is feeling way better tonight and we think that her fever is finally gone.  If she makes it all day tomorrow without the fever returning we will feel safe.

Liesl stayed up a bit longer to watch Dominica play.  I put her to bed around eleven.  The girls were actually asleep at a good time tonight.

I got caught up on SGL tonight.  Dominica stayed up very late playing her video game by herself.