August 21, 2014: Happy Birthday Dominica

Today is Dominica’s birthday!

I had a very busy day at the office today. It was a good day, but it meant that I never got a chance to take a break to run to the store to get a card or cake for Dominica.  I had been planning to at least surprise her with a cake.  I worked solidly the entire day.

Just before leaving the office I got an email from Symantec telling me to check out the video that they had posted.  They did a corporate video for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and who did they call out to do the challenge as well?  That’s right, me.  The first person called out by Symantec.  Oh boy, now I have to do something.

Later in the day, Pertino called me out for the ALS Challenge as well.

Dominica ordered Italian in for dinner just as I was leaving the office.  That worked out perfectly as they were going up to the door to deliver it just as I was pulling into the parking lot at the house.

We had dinner and watched some 30 Rock.  Then, before it was too late, I ran out to Stop and Shop to pick up cupcakes for the girls and cheese cake for Dominica and a few bags of ice for tomorrow morning.  Dominica will film me doing the challenge in the morning.

Came back home and the girls had their cakes.  We did not stay up too late tonight.