August 3, 2014: Sunday Pool Day

Liesl had a nightmare that the floor in her bedroom was dirt and an ant hill and formed in the middle of it and that enormous red fire ants were pouring into her room and one had gotten into her hair.  She woke up and ran to our room and jumped into bed with Dominica and me.  Luciana slept through the whole thing and did not get up until nine this morning.  Luciana is an oblivious sleeper, which is a good thing because Liesl is a bit of a spazz.

One of Liesl’s school projects today was to learn about ancient music. Dominica found her a program that allowed her to make her own music using ancient instruments on a web page.  Liesl and Luciana thought that that was great fun.  It is so great that they have been able to start studying history.  This is something that Liesl can really dig her teeth into.

I played a little Wind Waker this afternoon after much cajoling from die kinder.  Not a lot, maybe half an hour or one hour at the most.  Enough to move on to the next section of the game.  It is amazing to me how much they love watching me play.  Liesl also loves to constantly compare what I am doing to how Dominica did the same thing (since she is at least an hour ahead of me in the game.)

We had lunch and watched some 30 Rock, just a few episodes.  Dominica made homemade tilapia fish tacos to eat while we watched the show.

In the early evening we took the girls up to the pool.  It wasn’t too warm today, only about seventy five.  The water was nice, though.  There were very few people in the pool today, mostly adults just getting some exercise.  Clearly Sunday evening is not a popular time for the kids to hit the pool.  So that worked out perfectly.  The girls had a great time and could just swim and play without getting in anyone’s way and without out kids messing with them and harassing them as so often happens.  I swam too and got a little exercise.  I tried to swim laps but it is hard as I keep my glasses on so that I can watch the girls and Luciana insists on holding onto my feet when I do laps.

Both girls have gotten super comfortable in the pool.  They swim all over and don’t need anyone watching over them.  It is really amazing.  I was not like that at all even a bit older than them.

After coming back from the pool we watching Ella Enchanted which I have not seen in a very, very long time.  That is a really good movie with a great cast that gets totally forgotten about.  It is free on Netflix too.

After the movie we all went to bed.  It was only twenty after ten but if we don’t go to bed when the girls go to bed we end up never getting there.