August 2, 2014: Liesl Chooses School

Slept in until eight thirty.  Everyone was still asleep the girls having slept in our bed last night.  So I just went to my desk which is in our bedroom and worked there for a while.  I had an hour or two before Liesl woke up and she just wanted chocolate milk and she went down to the living room on her own with an iPad and disappeared for some time.

After everyone was awake, Liesl opted to spend the morning doing school.  So Dominica started their first history lesson.  Liesl really enjoyed it, they had a good time.  Liesl is studying ancient history now.  This is a subject that she is really getting into and already she has learned a lot.  Her knowledge of cultures and places is pretty amazing for a five year old.

Luciana spent a lot of the day either hanging out with me while I worked or doing things like painting on the easel down in the living room.

I did a ton of work on SGL today trying to finally get caught up after falling behind horribly.  I had lots of posts already written and ready to go but I had gaps that I had to go back and fill in so that I could post them.

Dominica spent several hours playing Super Paper Mario which is a Wii game that she got this week.  Liesl really likes watching her play it so that was their big entertainment all afternoon.

In the evening Dominica made two pizzas, one cheese and one fig, and we watched a little of 30 Rock until the girls went to bed.  Once Liesl was off to bed we put on Date Night which we bought on Amazon VOD and watched that before going to bed ourselves.  That is such a great movie, one of our favourites.  Extremely well done.