July 23, 2014: Rats

Today the exterminators are scheduled to come to the house and take a look at what we believe is a squirrel problem up in the attic above the master bedroom.

I went into the office this morning. The exterminators were coming late in the morning. Dominica spent the morning cleaning the house as it was a bit of a mess and strangers were going to be traipsing through the house much of the day.

Dominica called me at work. The verdict is that it is rats and hornets, not squirrels. And there are a lot of them. A lot! They are taking over the attic. Normally you can’t hear rats. There are so many that we are hearing them very loudly. The infestation is so bad that they were concerned about us staying in the house. They have gotten into the duct work and they have been going all of the way down to the basement and have been attempting to eat their way into the open basement area.

It is going to take a massive house overhaul to deal with the rats. We got quoted $3,000 for it and they don’t have an open slot to deal with it for two weeks. But once we decided to move forward they decided to see what they could squeeze in because of the girls and they found a way to come out to deal with it tomorrow. So tomorrow afternoon we are having the rats removed, all attic damage repaired, all entry points to the house closed up, all of the insulation removed, everything sanitized including the duct work and heavy duty, all out spray in, rodent repellent insulation laid down. Not the news that we wanted but at least it will be all dealt with.

I got home and Dominica and Liesl were busy playing one of Liesl’s games on the Wii, a Disney dancing game that she has not used before. Liesl was having a great time. We then went right up to the playground for a little while before it was too late.

Once we were back at the house Dominica immediately went out shopping and I did the dancing game with Liesl the entire time that Dominica was out. Luciana played games on the Nintendo 2DS.  I beat Liesl at the dance game, which didn’t surprise me, but she told me that she is able to beat Dominica.  She said, “Mommy is horrible at this game!”

Dominica got home and they all spent some time downstairs while I attempted to get some work done. Then everyone moved into the bedroom with me when we tried to get the girls ready for bed and they convinced us to let them sleep in our room. So they were all asleep while I worked for several hours until about one thirty in the morning. Then I was off to bed as well.