July 24, 2014: House Renovations

Today is the big day for dealing with the rat problem (and the hornets too.) The crew is scheduled to arrive around one this afternoon. Normal work day for me so Dominica gets to deal with the critter control people.

They came around one and Dominica and the girls had to vacate the house so that they could work for most of the day. So they went shopping and out to the movies. They got to see Disney’s “Planes 2” which I am guessing was good since I really enjoyed the first one.

They ended up having to be out of the house for about five hours. One of the guys working in the attic was attacked by the horde of hornets living up there and put part of his foot through the ceiling directly above our bed. So we have a half foot square hole there and a mess in our bedroom. Someone will come over the weekend to fix that. They had to close the hole with cardboard for now and at least half a dozen hornets got into our bedroom because of that but overall it was pretty uneventful.

They managed to finish up before I got home and Dominica said that they were really nice. While patching up the attic they found a baby bat living in our eaves so they couldn’t patch the hole there and can’t for another month or two until the bat matures enough to be able to be moved out of the way before doing the patching (bats are extremely good for the environment, never hurt a bat.)

The attic is now rat and hornet free and completely re-insulated. The house is looking pretty good with all of the cleaning that Dominica has been doing knowing that people were going to be in the house all of this time. We are very hopeful that the new insulation will make a big difference in the amount of work needed to keep the house cool. The air conditioning really struggles to keep the upstairs cool in any way.

Liesl was playing her Nickelodeon Fit video game on the Wii when I got home. She is amazingly good at that game and really loves it. It is a really good workout for her too. I am really thankful that we have that one and some ones like that.

I had a bit of work to do tonight so went straight up to the bedroom to work at the computer up there. The evening was very short for me as I did not get out of work until seven and did not get home until well after eight. So only two hours before the girls were off to bed.

I finished reading “The Darkest Summer” today. It was pretty good.