July 28, 2014: Everyone Is Okay

Ah back to the grind. The weekend is already over. Hard to believe. It goes by so quickly. And this was an exceptionally eventful weekend too. Both girls are feeling well this morning. No lingering issues from the weekend. Thank goodness.

Busy day at work. Got home at nearly eight. Luciana had had a rough day and was sent upstairs a while before I got home. I went upstairs and found her fast asleep in our bed. Unfortunately Dominica had not though to put a pull up on her and she had peed the bed in her sleep and had not even woken up. That is how tired she was.

We woke her up to get her dressed to go to the playground and she kept asking “is daddy here” even though I was holding her and talking to her. She couldn’t understand that I was there. She was seriously groggy.

Liesl did not feel like going to the playground but Luciana begged but we knew that they both need to be worn out or they won’t sleep tonight so we took them as late as it was. So we walked up to the playground anyway. It had rained today so everything was wet. They decided to spend the time running around on the wood chips rather than playing on the playground set. They burned a lot of energy.

It was nearly nine by the time that we got back. I worked for about fifteen minutes then we watched an episode of 30 Rock and it was time to get the girls heading off to bed.

Tonight Liesl was the one who managed to fall asleep and Luciana was up for hours. Eventually Luciana came downstairs and snuggled with me for an episode and a half and then we all went to bed. Ciana asked if she could sleep in our room and Dominica was feeling generous. Ciana was very happy and pretty much went straight to sleep there.