July 27, 2014: The Girls Are Recovering

The girls are both doing well this morning. Luciana has no signs that she had a major accident and ER trip yesterday except for a little goop in her left eye probably from the cut healing (you can’t see the cut.) Liesl says that her left eye is still soar but she is able to see today and it is not too bad. It started off soar but appeared to be all better by the end of the day.

I had much more work still to do today so spent the morning and the early afternoon upstairs in the bedroom working at the “office” to get things done. Liesl did a great job of leaving me in peace so that I could complete stuff. Luciana had a harder time of it and would come upstairs and try to play with me, play under my desk or hide underneath our bed as much as she could.

Dominica played Wind Waker with the girls, mostly with Liesl, for several hours. They loved that and were so excited that she got ahead of me today.

I was able to wrap up in the middle of the afternoon. Boy that felt good to get completed. I came down to spend time with the girls and Dominica took the opportunity to go out grocery shopping and to go to Subway to pick up dinner. While she was gone I played some Wind Waker on my own account with the girls but I did not manage to catch up to where Dominica was and Liesl does not think that I am nearly as good at this game as mommy is. Which I am sure is true. Dominica is an old Zelda player and I am new to it. I have only ever played a little Twilight Princess and nothing else and did not really get very far in that either.

Once Dominica was back home we watched several episodes of 30 Rock and called it a weekend.