August 27, 2014: Nothing To Say Really

Heavy traffic on the drive in this morning.  Easily lost twenty minutes just sitting in stopped traffic.  I finished the first part of the very long History of the World that I am reading.  That will take a few months to get through, I am expecting.

Work was fine today.  Nothing of note.  Managed to leave at six and get home just after seven.  The girls, as always, were an explosion of activity the moment that I walked through the door.  They always have a full day of news to unload on me as soon as I am home.

I ended up needing to take care of stuff at my desk all evening.  We were very low on food so Dominica went out grocery shopping for a few hours and I watched the girls.  After she was back she went down to the basement and worked on school stuff for the girls most of the evening.

Dominica’s parents are coming down in three days for the long weekend so we will be spending the weekend with them.  It is Labor Day weekend so I am off on Monday.    So we are just taking it easy today and tomorrow.

Dominica and I stayed up a little late tonight watching a couple episodes of Downton Abby.