October 19, 2014: Returning to Peekskill

So we got up this morning and made the call to skip the “sofa ride” into the woods and instead take the time to go down to Mt. Morris to have breakfast again at Brian’s USA Diner.  It took us all morning to get everyone up and ready and packed and out of the door.  We were late enough that we were concerned about going anywhere specific for breakfast because we were going to hit the lunch crowd and Brian’s is always so busy, but doing anything else wasn’t really what we wanted, might have been packed too and would not have been so ideally on the way out of town.

We had a nice breakfast and from there we got on the road to drive back to Peekskill.  Originally we were supposed to meet up with Mary before we left town but there just wasn’t time as the plan was to get back to the house in time to meet up with Rob as he was coming back through from Boston.

The drive back down to Peekskill went very well.  Light traffic and no issues the entire way.  Even getting around Orange County was fine.  We had to wait for just a few minutes at Bear Mountain Bridge but nothing else.

Rob ended up needing to cancel today so we ended up having the afternoon to ourselves at home.  We spent the evening relaxing and hanging out as a family.