October 20, 2014: Week Two

Today is Monday and today marks the beginning of my second full week of pseudo-vacation time at home.  It feels weird.  Really weird.  I have never been at home (and on full pay) for so long before.  This is very much a novel experience.  I have had weekends, even extended weekends, at home alone before.  Long ago I worked from home but that was different.  Although it is interesting to note that back when I did work from home full time last that it was in this very house.  All of the time in Texas and Connecticut since then has been time in an office.  I have forgotten how nice it is to be home all day long and get to have a completely flexible schedule.  And I have forgotten how nice it is to get to just enjoy your home.  And my days are so much longer now.  I am sleeping more and still having far more time to work on things.  It is great.

I worked in the office all day today.  No need to go anywhere.  The girls came in and hung out in the office for much of the morning.  Today and tomorrow are my last days with them as they are heading out to Houston on Wednesday morning from JFK in Brooklyn.  So we are starting to prepare for two weeks apart.  Originally when this trip was scheduled we assumed that I would be in the office and it would only go over one weekend.  But instead it is turning out that they are going to be gone while I am home alone for two weeks.  That really did not end up being a very ideal situation.

After getting some stuff done during the day we just relaxed in the living room this evening and watched some of “How I Met Your Mother.”