October 24, 2014: Friday Alone

I have been alone at home long enough that it is getting pretty lonely being here.  But at least SGL is starting to get caught up.  I have made quite good progress on that in just one day.  It will get much harder, though, as the updates get older and older since I need to do them stretching way back to the very beginning of September.

I did not leave the house at all yesterday or today.  There really is no need, without anyone else being in the house, to do anything but stay camped out in the bedroom where the computer is or to venture down to the kitchen.  The rest of the house really only exists as storage or for other people.  I have been saying for a long time that I could make do living in a hotel room, like I used to, if it were just me.  When I am alone it is like I don’t “own stuff” anymore.  Funny how your patterns change so dramatically just from the family being away for a few days.  It also makes sense as I have the house all closed off and the heat off.  So the whole house is only holding around sixty degrees but the bedroom stays warmer since I am in here, the computer and monitors are on and when I take a shower that warms up the room (since we have a master suite) so there is a wall of cold air whenever I leave the room.

I got some more writing done today and I watched the last half of Event Horizon and I watched all of Cary Grant in His Girl Friday which we have on DVD so I watched that during a period when our Internet was being flaky.  I watched the first half of The Ex which was not good enough to entice me to finish it in one sitting.

I’m giving myself a refresher on Ruby on Rails.  So I spent an hour or two working on that today.

Really very little to say about my day.  Pretty boring.  There was a great Steam sale today and I picked up the Saints Row collection (which does not include the original which is exclusively for the XBOX 360.)  So I now have all of two through four.  I had three previously.  I am only marginally interested in the earlier two but they are supposed to be pretty decent.  But the fourth one is supposed to be great.  I got the first two so that I would have the back story before playing the last one.

Dominica was home with the three little kids all day then, this evening, she went with everyone to the Gator’s football game so that they could watch Madeline play in the band.

I did not stay up super late tonight, I was in bed by one thirty.  Trying to keep my schedule somewhat normal.  With nothing happening during the day and no one around to regulate my schedule over this length of time it could skew off pretty significantly if I allowed it to.  This is the longest that I have been alone without having to go into an office or work normal hours since, probably, somewhere around the early half of 2004.