October 23, 2014: Home Alone

Today is my first full day at home alone.  I am enjoying the quiet still today but that is not going to last for much longer.  By tomorrow I am very likely to be very lonely.  This morning was just fine, though.  I relaxed for a bit and then got to work in the late morning and ended up having a very productive day.  I managed to get a lot of writing done and turned in three, yes, three new articles today.  That was awesome.  I feel very good about that.

The day actually flew by.  There was a ton of activity today on MangoLassi and I was able to participate a lot there.  I did not have a chance to get on Spiceworks until late in the day but was very busy there by the end of the day as well.

This evening, early on but after it was already dark out, I heard the doorbell ring and I ran down to answer it.  No one was there but I found a little box of candy waiting for me there with a note.  I had been “Ghosted” which was very cute.  I had to hang a sign on my front door to let people know that I had been hit and now I have to deliver some candy to people tomorrow.  Have to figure that one out.  It is a nice idea, though, I really like it.  Sometime later in the evening I saw a parent and child, dressed up as ghosts, running through a yard.  Very cute.

I managed to make it the entire day without watching any television or shows whatsoever.  This is not a huge surprise, I often do not watch anything when no one is home with me but I did not do so well at that yesterday.  Today not one thing.  I really never left the bedroom all day.  I was down in the kitchen making tea and at one point, a sandwich, but that was really about it.  I did a tiny bit of cleaning today but was pretty much just at my desk the entire day.

The house got quite cold today.  Without the family here generating heat, and with very few electronics turned on, the house really cools down.  It is very funny how noticeable it is when it is just me in the house.  I generate so much less heat that Dominica and the girls do.  All three of them are so much warmer than me, Dominica especially.  I can always tell when she is in the room because she raises the temperature of the room around her so much.  My natural body temperature is relatively low and when I am here alone all there is is my desktop.  I leave on very few lights and there is no extra laptops running or televisions running or appliances running.  The house just cools right now in no time.

I ended up working until four in the morning.  There is no need for me to do anything else.  I don’t need to be on a set schedule in any way.  I have not gotten any new news about anything, no contact today.  All has been silent.  So that implies that I will not be hearing anything tomorrow either.  At least I get to sleep in.

I have decided that SGL is so far behind that I simply have to start posting again as things happen and do my best to backfill and just make do.  If I do not get back into the regular swing of posting every day it just is not going to happen and having this time at home to work on things like writing on a continuous basis is the best chance that I am going to have, probably for years, to be able to really get on top of all of my writing and whatnot.  So I am going to go ahead and post today and, if you really want to know what happened over the past month and a half, dig through old posts sometime when they appear.