October 26, 2014: Back to KOTOR

It is Sunday.  I slept in a bit this morning which makes sense since I wasn’t in bed until around four.  But I didn’t not sleep nearly as late as you might think that I would have given that fact.  I was up around nine or so.

I decided that today was primarily going to be a relaxing day and I have been wanting to finish up some video games that I have been playing so I took the time to focus on playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (known at KOTOR) to see how far that I could get.  I was already somewhere between sixty and eighty percent through the game, I would say.  This is a game that I played primarily while in Texas!  That really shows how long I go between chances to really play video games for myself.  I really like KOTOR, I just rarely have time to actually play it.  So I am making time now.

I did pretty little today.  Did not leave the house.  I am very glad that I went out yesterday, that worked well.  I got people time and recharged a bit.

I figured out that I can exercise, if I plan well, while playing KOTOR, by having my weights next to me so that I can use them while the game is loading or a long dialogue is going on.  Very efficient.

I ended up playing until early in the morning and there is still a ton of this game left.  I believe that I have more than a hundred hours of gameplay in this game so far.  It is anything but a short game.