November 5, 2014: The Family Returns

Today is the big day.  I get to see my family again.  I got up this morning, did a tiny bit of cleaning, caught up on email, showered and was pretty much out the door right away.  It is a long drive to the airport and the girls are arriving late this morning so there really is not very much time to spare.  I was out the door at about nine forty five.

On the way out of Cortlandt I stopped at the Maple Ave. Deli and grabbed an egg and cheese on a croissant to eat in the car as I did not have any time to eat before leaving.  I had the Acadia and made good time since rush hour was already over.

The drive south went fine.  I got to the Whitestone Bridge without any traffic and without needing directions, which was important as Waze stopped working on my phone completely so I had no GPS option anyway.

Their flight ended up touching down a full half an hour early and Dominica was texting me before I had completely crossed the Whitestone Bridge into Queens!  Much earlier than I had expected.  I rushed to get down there and actually the timing was perfect, they had their luggage and were coming out the doors just as I pulled into the arrivals area.  I was able to see Dominica waving and pulled over right away.  It could not have been easier.  I jumped out of the car and ran to my girls who jumped into my arms.  Well Liesl jumped, Luciana was in the stroller.  Hugs and kisses and then back to the house.

It was around one when we got back home.  We spent the day catching up, it has been so long.  The girls mostly just snuggled with me on the couch all day.  They had so much to tell me about all of the things that they have been doing down in Texas.