November 4, 2014: Band Competition in San Antonio

Today the Grices and the Millers are all in San Antonio watching Madeline’s band compete in the state championships.  It was a long day for them but they got some adorable pictures of Liesl and Luciana cheering her on.  They had a lot of fun out there today.  It was a very long day of marching bands all day.  Unfortunately Madeline’s band did not make the finals so they headed for Houston on the early side.

Today is my final day at home alone.  Dominica and the girls are getting on a plane from Hobby airport early in the morning and should be touching down at JFK at half past eleven.  I cannot wait to see the girls again!  I have been so lonely.  It has been a really tough few weeks.

Today was my cleaning day, all day.  I spent nearly the entire day working on cleaning up the house which has been nearly untouched since Dominica and the girls left.  Toys are still all over the floor and the house is effectively unusable from the mess.  So today I focused on getting it as clean as I could on my own in one day which included three trips out to the trash area!  The only major things that I did not manage to do were the dishes and the laundry.  Otherwise the house looks pretty decent.  The living room is all cleaned up.

Stayed up watching some movies tonight.  The main one was The Sum of All Fears which I have not seen in a very long time.