November 7, 2014: Wrapping Up the Week

It’s Friday.  Still no news on anything.  There rarely is on a Friday.  Going into another weekend wondering what next week is going to be like.

Another day of just spending time at home with the family.  The girls are still pretty much continuously attached to me.  We’ve really missed each other.

Dominica went out and did some quick shopping as the house is completely out of everything.  She had a salon appointment downtown today so she went there and brought home Subway for dinner.  The girls were happy to be hanging out with me all afternoon and always excited to get Subway, although in reality it is Liesl who is very excited and we are lucky if we can get Luciana to eat one quarter of the sandwich.  But it remains Liesl’s favourite food to get.

Dominica and I did some house cleaning today.  I did a bit earlier this week so the house is not looking too bad at the moment.