November 8, 2014: At Home

It is Saturday.  Weekends are tough and stressful when you spend your entire weekend waiting on information and if that information does not arrive then you are stuck going over the weekend sitting around with the same concerns but only knowing that you cannot even be waiting on anything as there is no one that could possibly have any information for you.  So the weekends get to be pretty tough too!  It is just a really rough situation.

Based on information from yesterday, we are pretty confident that my time at Bridgewater is going to be coming to an end in the very near future, but we don’t really have any details yet.  But we think that it will only be a couple more days at most.  What happens then, we really have no idea.

We took today to just spend time as a family.  We’ve not had a lot of time together yet so we are still just having fun getting to be together.