December 16, 2014: Fast Turnaround

Today is my total whirlwind day.  I am on the plane from San Francisco this morning.  It was the exhausting red eye flight.  I got to Chicago somewhere around six in the morning.  What a long night.

I had a bit of a layover in Chicago’s ORD and then flew on to White Plains on a super tiny little jet where there was no one in my row or any row near me so I could spread out and relax.  I got into White Plains at nine thirty in the morning.  Dominica and the girls picked me up at just past ten to take me back to the house.  I was really exhausted but so glad to be home.

At this point I am really confident in both of the places where I interviewed yesterday and am anticipating some tough decisions in the next few days.  But, as always, it is incredibly hard to read interviews and we will just have to see what happens.

We got home around eleven and I was straight off to bed to see how much sleep that I could get.  Luciana had a lot of energy and stayed up to go play on her own.  Liesl was so glad that I was home that even though she had a full night’s sleep she climbed right into bed with me and snuggled for a few hours.

Altogether I managed to only get two or three hours worth of nap in all day but at least it was something and I got more time than that of relaxing time just laying in bed attempting to charge up my batteries.  Dominica spent the day packing more in the house and getting the Acadia ready for the trip.

Our original plan was to go to dad’s house tonight, drop off some stuff including the Spark, and then drive to Ohio in the morning.  But Dominica was really tired and did not feel that she could drive up to dad’s house and the cars were not packed with all of the stuff that we wanted to take so the value of doing the trip was going to be very low, especially as we would be getting there very late and would not really get to see dad at all and it would add a ton of miles to the trip.

So the new plan is to drive directly on to Ohio tonight rather than going to dad’s house first.  So we got on the road in the early evening.  It was already dark and we stopped at the Dunkin Donuts on the circle on the way out of town.

I ended up doing all of the driving tonight even after having basically skipped a night of sleep.  Dominica had had insomnia last night and was not feeling very well.  We drove across Pennsylvania.  The trip went fine.  I was pretty tired by the time that we were approaching Youngstown so we decided that going all of the way too Alliance, where we normally go when going to visit my family in Ohio, did not make sense and that we could just stop sooner and drive a little more in the morning before going to my grandmother’s house.  So we stopped at a Quality Inn along the way in someplace like Barkeyville and crashed for the night.

Hotel was nothing special but it wasn’t too expensive and everything was fine.  It worked out really well and we were extremely happy that we had decided to spend the night.  This let us catch up on some of our missing sleep and we will be in far better shape for the rest of our driving.  We cannot be losing too much sleep now or we will be in terrible shape come tomorrow night.