December 17, 2014: Ohio

We got a pretty good night’s sleep last night at the Quality Inn where we stopped along our drive out to Ohio.  We are so glad that we did that.  The drive this morning was only about an hour and a half to get to grandma’s house.  That was really easy.  We got to her house around eleven thirty, just in time for me to get ready for a phone interview that I needed to do as a follow up to the secondary interview that I did on Monday evening.  It seemed to go well, but it is always very hard to really tell.

Most of the family made it out to grandma’s house shortly after we did to visit.  Unfortunately Gwen and Mike left for a vacation in Wisconsin during the night so we did not get to see them.  But everyone else was around.  Monica even managed to get out of work early so that she could come down and spend more time with the girls.  Liesl really misses Monica.

We hung out till about three thirty then went up to Louisville to get a late lunch at Grinders, the restaurant than everyone knows that Dominica and I love.  The food is just awesome.

We went back to grandma’s house and stayed until a few minutes after eight.  That was much later than we had wanted to stay today.  Our original plan was to be on the road by six.  This was much later.  But even Monica’s fiancee Joe, whom we have not had a chance to meet yet, was able to make it and he spent a lot of time playing with the girls.  They all had a great time.

We were not feeling much like driving once we finally got out the door.  We managed to make it all of the way past Louisville, Kentucky.  Rather apropos to go directly from Louisville, Ohio to Louisville, Kentucky this evening, I guess.  On the drive we listened to several chapters of The Cricket in Times Square for Liesl until she fell asleep.  Then Dominica and I listened to an hour or two of Eragon which both of us have read before but neither have read for a long time.

We stopped at an EconoLodge along the highway.  We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow but we are going to make it to Houston by the end of the day.