December 18, 2014: Driving to Houston

We were up at a decent time this morning, like eight-ish.  Today is our all out driving day. Because I have an early interview tomorrow morning (via Skype) we need to make it all of the way to Houston tonight.  There really isn’t any option to cut it short this time.

It was probably no later than nine thirty before we were all loaded up and on the road.  That was a great start.  Although we started the day with a known major traffic jam out on Interstate 65.  So we took some backroads and worked around it from the beginning and actually did really well.

Overall, it was a great driving day.  We made really good time and managed to get down to Birmingham, Hattiesburg and across Louisiana without any issues.  Overall a great travel day.

The only real issue that we ran into the entire drive was on the outskirts of Houston we hit a pretty bad rain storm that probably cost us nearly an hour just inside of the Houston metro area.  And down on Interstate 45 we actually ended up in some mess with cops blocking the highway.  We were stuck there for quite a while.

I drove this entire trip.  Not just the sixteen or seventeen hours today but every mile that we have done over the past three days of driving.  Dominica did not need to take the wheel a single time!

It was well after one when we got to the house and unloaded the car.  We were off to bed almost immediately.  I need to get a few hours before my interview in the morning.

We got the bad news on the drive that Facebook, for whom I had gone to San Francisco on Sunday and Monday, decided to decline me for the position that I was looking at.  They liked me overall and invited me to apply again later but at this time, they were not going to make an offer.  Depressing but it will help with decision making if the job that I am talking to tomorrow makes an offer because before now we were torn as to which we were more interested in.  Both positions had lots of merits but were drastically different.  It could have been a really tough decision.  Now we are just hoping that the other one makes an offer.

Liesl and Luciana are staying in one room and Dominica and I are down the hallway in our own room.  This makes things much easier.