December 21, 2014: Getting Settled In

Dominica was up a bit before me this morning.  I am still feeling the emotional drain of the last few months.  But today feels good.  I got up around nine and helped to get the girls ready.  Once they were up and ready Dominica took them over to Francesca’s house to spend the day with their cousins until early afternoon when they were going to head out to the Grice Family Christmas at one.

I spent the entire morning sitting at the kitchen table working almost exclusively on SGL.  I got all of November and December updated last night and today I worked on getting all of October updated and a few days in September.  It is going to take a while for me to work back through all of September and get that all filled in as many of the days are missing but many are there and more than a week is the Spiceworld window which I can fill in very easily.

I also put in a ton of effort cleaning up my email.  I have fallen so horribly behind for the last several months.  Partially this was because I would get swamped with emails from recruiters or companies looking to potentially hire me and I was reticent to turn them down until we had something solid lined up.  So going back through and responding to hundreds of potential jobs and letting them know that I am no longer available and cleaning up all of those emails has been a high priority.  I need to get my email cleaned up so that I don’t miss things and can function better.

I worked until around two then Joe drove me over to Francesca’s house where I spent the rest of the day.  It was just a few of us there for about an hour until the Grices returned from their own Christmas event.

Nothing planned today. Everyone just hung out at the house.  Some of the baking continued.

We didn’t stay too late tonight.  We were back to Joe’s before nine.  Luciana was ready for bed before we were even back.  A full day of playing with her cousins is more than she is used to.  Everyone needed some sleep. Dominica has been up way too late the last few nights.