December 28, 2014: Day at Home

Today is a quiet day for me.  Time to hang back and get work done while everyone else hangs out.  Francesca and the kids have vacation all this week yet so Dominica and the girls will be hanging out there most of the week but I will be staying at the house and working most of the time.   Good chance to get caught up with SGL (already done) and get some other writing done and some Ruby training too.

We got up around eight. Dominica is feeling much better this morning.  The girls got up and we all went to Waffle House at eleven for a late breakfast.  Then, from there, I dropped Dominica, Liesl and Luciana off at Francesca’s house and then returned to Joe’s house, where it is just me, getting there around noon so that I could work from there for the rest of the day.

It is cold and rainy today.  Down thirty degrees from yesterday!  It is just forty six degrees here today.  Quite a change.

In the evening, Dominica brought me fish tacos for dinner.  I ended up running up to Houston in the evening to have some wine at 13 Celsius with John Nicholson and Nick.  We were only there for about an hour and a half.  Francesca has the stomach bug that has been going around so everyone there had gone to bed early so Dominica and the girls needed me to come back and pick them up early.

Once we were back to Joe and Brittany’s house we got the girls off to bed.  Then Dominica and I went out to Cinema Joe and watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes which was pretty decent but very sad.  Well made movie, though.

It was late by the time that that movie was over.  Ciana had long been asleep.  Liesl was still awake, though, watching Yu Gi Oh which she is completely addicted to.