December 27, 2014: Dominica is Out Sick

Dominica was feeling sick before going to bed last night and was sick all night.  She definitely caught whatever Emily, Elton and Brittany had.  So she is the fourth one to have whatever this is.  And to add to it, Francesca has strep throat that she caught from Garrett.  So that is six sick people so far this Christmas!

Dominica spent most of the day at Joe’s house.  She slept until afternoon with the two dogs, Aurora and Indy, snuggled up in bed with her.

Liesl and Luciana got up and played quietly together at Joe’s house until nearly ten when the three of us all went over to Francesca’s house.  Dominica’s parents are heading back to Frankfort this afternoon at a six o’clock Southwest flight out of Hobby and are planning to leave Francesca’s house early so that they can deal with dropping off the rental car and not have to worry about the timing.  Although that will get them to the airport more than three and a half hours before their flight so we are all predicting an extremely long wait for them.

Emily and I walked down to the donuts, kolaches and tacos place on the corner and picked up a late breakfast or early lunch for everyone that was at the house.  Francesca and her mom had gone out shopping and were still gone when Emily and I got back.

It was a really nice day today, seventy six but dark and drizzly outside.  We had the doors wide open so that we had a breeze in the house.

Around one I went over and picked up Dominica and brought her over so that she could wave goodbye to her parents before they left.  With all of the sleep she is feeling slightly better but overall, still pretty crappy.  She has not eaten all day, nothing since the potato last night.

We went back to Joe’s house on the early side.  Liesl set herself up in the living room with the Orange iPad and watched her Yu Gi Oh anime show for the entire evening.  She has finished the entire show but is watching it again now. She really, really loves that show.

Luciana wanted to go to bed and was in bed by six!  Although she got up later on, she was a very tired little girl.

I ran out to Panda Express to get dinner for Liesl and I.  Liesl just ordered noodles (chow mein) but ended up trying my honey walnut shrimp and decided that she loved them and wants to get them next time.  Luciana was not very hungry and did not ask for anything.  So I stopped by Jack in the Box and got her French Fries which we figured that she would eat.

Dominica settled herself in out in the theatre by herself and watched lots of Marvel super hero movies that I have, quite literally, negative interest in watching.  So that works out well.  I am really excited that she can watch lots and lots of horrible movies that I don’t want to have to sit through.  She is working through a massive catalogue of them while I am able to sit in the house working.  It is grand.

I gave Luciana a bath and eventually got both girls off to bed.  Luciana went right to sleep, Liesl stayed up very late watching her show.  Dominica and I went out to the theatre to watch Anchorman which Dominica has never seen!  Sadly, though, the BluRay disc that her brother has is very scratched and cannot play.  We did not make it even halfway through the movie, it was skipping all over the place and she was missing a lot of stuff.  So we gave up and went to bed around eleven.