December 3, 2014: Interviewing at Amazon

Today is my interview day.  Because of the time shift my body got me up at four this morning!  So I was awake long, long before I needed to even remotely think about going to the interview.  The office where I will be interviewing is only ten minutes or less, on foot, from the hotel!  So I do not even have to worry about cabs or directions or anything. Walk up the street, turn right, go two blocks.  That is all.  Very simple.

I had a long, mostly relaxing morning giving me plenty of time to myself in the hotel before I needed to walk to South Lake Union for the interview.  I got down there early enough that I walked around for a while to see the area right around the office so that I would not arrive inappropriately early.

The day of interviews went well.  I really liked everyone there.  As always, it is impossible to read this situations and I will not have any feedback until I am back in New York for a day or two.  But it felt like a decently good interview day.  I felt generally good about it and am looking forward to getting the feedback on it.  It was a full interview day, so I was not done until around three thirty.

After the interview I went back to the hotel for about an hour.  The friends that I made yesterday who wanted to hang out today were not able to be reached for a while.  I eventually ran into one of them later in the evening who explained that one of them was so hungover that she had not left the hotel all day.  So we did not manage to hook up on this trip but we are friends on Facebook now so we will keep in touch.

So my time this evening was spent seeing Seattle on my own.  I walked down to the famous Pike Market on the waterfront, which was a pretty good walk.  I got to see a lot of the city and the market was really interesting.  I am sure that I spent more than an hour investigating the market.

I checked out a hand made cheese shop and got a grilled cheese sandwich there which was really good.  I walked around for a long time and finally ended up getting some fish and chips from a really awesome fishmonger.  It was all delicious.  My dad would love the market.  Dominica would really like it too, it is a very European setup.

It was decently late, probably around eight, when I walked back to the hotel.  I hit the lobby bar after an hour or two because it was too busy before then.  I had one beer and talked to a guy who lived in the hotel’s upper floors (which were condos) who worked for SAS for a while about how he liked having moved to Seattle.

I was in bed at a good time.  I did not stay up too late being pretty tired from the last several days of travel.